Hire the best linen suppliers in Birmingham

Hire the best linen suppliers in Birmingham

We understand the importance of creating the very best bed, bath and table linen to suit a variety of needs and requirements and we also understand the importance of acting responsibly and with integrity in everything that we do, which is why we ensure that we only offer the most ethically sourced products which benefit from a long line of quality assurance checks. For example, we understand the environmental impact of cotton production and we actively work with suppliers to help them reduce their energy consumption and make the most of renewable energy. We’re lucky to have unrivalled knowledge and experience of working across industries to create bedding, towels, duvets, pillows, tablecloths and kitchen linen for some of the most recognisable hotel chains and luxury hospitality clients. Whether you’re looking for a classic tablecloth designed to impress your dinner guests or bedding created to give you that five-star feel at home or some super soft, cosy bath towels perfect for ensuring your bathing experience feels like a spa-style sanctuary, you’ll find it all here and more across our online store.

So, What are the Benefits of Linen Hire?

  • If you own a hotel, one way to turn your guests off as soon as they walk into their room is by greeting them with creased, or worse still, dirty bed linen.When you outsource your linen requirements to a reputable company such as us here at Cabbage White, you are guaranteed bed linen that has been thoroughly ironed and pressed. No creases means your bed sheets perfectly fit each corner of the bed, ensuring clean lines and a smooth finish every time.
  • Another benefit of using our linen hire service is that all of your linen from bedding, to napkins and tablecloths comes freshly laundered, so you needn’t worry about taking up the time of your in-house staff to carry out such tasks. We thoroughly check each piece before you receive it, so you can be sure that your guests will encounter no nasty surprises in the form of unwanted stains when they flip back their duvet.
  • We understand that businesses outsource to make the daily running of their establishments easier, which is why all of our linen is presented to you ready for instant use.
Our linen supplier service in Birmingham , UK helps avoid any initial capital outlay, which for an average sized restaurant or hotel can be several thousand pounds. Our price includes all laundering and delivery costs and there are no further hidden costs.You can also schedule a free pick up and drop off by calling us on 0121 448 6727.

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