Delivery And FAQs

About Delivery

Cabbage White prides itself on on-time deliveries. Our routes are the same week in and week out, as a result the customer can be confident of what time their delivery will arrive. Each of our transport vehicles are manned by a professional, experienced driver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We will be allotting an account manager who will have the authority to make decision. In case you have any queries, issues or questions the manager will provide you the answers quickly.

We provide all types of linen but the hotels prefer to like standard sheets, plain duvet covers, bag pillowcases, 500 GSM towels to keep their customers happy and we help them in it.

We try to supply you your linens as soon as possible .If possible its done in a day depending on the linen and time required but for more details about it you can contact us.

Yes, we understand sometimes situations changes so we do add up the stock in your contract period.

We deliver to all the places in Birmingham. For more detailed delivery option you can check our delivery page.

We can be flexible in terms of the delivery methods. You can have the linen packed in hampers, hampers in cages, items loose in cages, items in plastic in cages. If you are thinking of a different method then just let us know, we will make sure to find a middle solution that is loved by both parties.

The number of deliveries per week generally depends on the size of the hotel. Storage can be an issue so even for smaller hotels so we can do more deliveries but in that case there are changes in the price.

Keeping in mind the emergency we ask our customers to place extra linen order in advance but in extreme case of emergency we are available 24/7 so you can contact us and we can provide you with the solutions.