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Cabbage white is a business established in 2016 in Birmingham, working continuously for around 6 years. We provide a range of laundry services including contract laundry, linen hire and healthcare laundry services to customers across the West Midland. We cater to the healthcare, hotel and restaurant sector.

Kitchen Linen Suppliers

It’s no coincidence that our chef’s wear is in so many of the country’s leading kitchens.

Restaurant Linen Suppliers

Your table linen plays a vital part in making a great first impression for your restaurant.

Hotel Linen Suppliers

When staying in a hotel, good quality linen is a must for every guest.

More than an industrial laundry service, we deliver high standard linen and professional work wear for all industries. The work wear rental and laundry service that offers peace of mind to your business.
We are a top rated commercial laundry service for healthcare, hotel, restaurants and gyms. Whether you are a small restaurant or big, a clinic or big hospitals etc., WE CAN HELP
You worry about your profession let us take care of your Linens!

Why Choose Cabbage White Linen

99% Stain Removal​

We ensure stains are removed from your commercial linen . We achieve this with a unique blend of carefully researched laundry chemicals along with our highly skilled Commercial Laundry workforce  service . 


Our focus is to provide all customers with a commercial laundry service that removes as much of the hassle and labor involved in managing your commercial linen as possible. We work around the clock to ensure we provide a service you need to operate your organization smoothly.


We schedule deliveries in advanced to ensure you can operate your organization with piece of mind. We have multiple vehicles in our fleet to provide a clock work schedule.
Cabbagewhite Dry Clean, Laundry and Linen Services is a Dedicated Firm covering West Midland.


We deliver a service which you will inevitably rely on. Our service remains the same consistency from day one. The machinery is maintained and renewed on an annual basis.
We as launder each customers commercial linen individually, meaning each piece of linen we receive is inspected and ensured to be returned.


Outsourcing your Commercial Service requirements allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your business, allows staff to be more productive, reduces energy costs, and extends the life of your linen. Concentrate on more important elements of your business and let us worry about the laundry!

Linen and laundry services for every business, from hospitality to healthcare, corporate offices, sports and entertainment etc

We don’t only supply to meet your general needs, we tailor our solutions to match the exact purpose you’re trying to accomplish.

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Our Happy Clients


“Being an owner of a clinic , I was in search of a good linen dry cleaning service for the clinic’s linen towels and bedsheets. Got the delivery for my clinic’s linen towels and bedsheets on time . 100 % recommended !!”

Clinic Owner

Mark Martinez

“Got the best dry cleaning services for my linen hotel bedsheets . Got them cleaned and delivered on time. Simply the best !! 100% recommended.”

Hotel Owner


“Cabbage White has Wonderful service, fantastic results! I got the best dry cleaning services for my linen restaurant tablecloths !! ”

Restaurant Owner


“ I wanted a hassle free laundry service for my spa . Got my delivery of super clean spa linen cloths . Wonderful service & fantastic results! ”

Spa Owner